Saturday, March 5, 2011

Changing Hearts

this is a new one. :)

Changing Hearts

That day my heart shattered into a thousand pieces

Even if a tomorrow came slowly

I couldn't pick myself together soon enough

I'll try and go back to the way I was before

Without a change of heart

And see myself come right back here again

Maybe I'll bring everything back too

The same scenery and the secrecy in which we held each other

I feel the same high tension all over again

We try and try to be the same

Still frame as we once were

We're still broken and not yet mendable

We lay breathing yet we're not smiling like we used to

Our hearts apart and forever different

Like we're different souls now

Those days when I felt like I was unbreakable

Seem so childish now

No life in this apocalyptic world

No life that I care for

That day, my heart shattered into a thousand pieces,

We weren't meant to be broken, and

We all strayed away from each other

If we only changed one second,

If we could only say the same one more day.

I don't see the same scenery anymore

That sunset and the sunrise

Each was a new day

Now they all blend together without a difference

That dream that we all wanted to keep safe

That wish that all of us wanted to keep alive

We all believed that we couldn't be torn apart

Why do I still see the sky that we still saw?

Our broken promises are still in the air

Our betrayal

I remember that day

We all held ribbons

And promised each other to never part

And now, why?

I remember that day,

When our soon to be broken promises

Were spoken like they would always be kept.

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