Saturday, March 5, 2011

Changing Hearts

this is a new one. :)

Changing Hearts

That day my heart shattered into a thousand pieces

Even if a tomorrow came slowly

I couldn't pick myself together soon enough

I'll try and go back to the way I was before

Without a change of heart

And see myself come right back here again

Maybe I'll bring everything back too

The same scenery and the secrecy in which we held each other

I feel the same high tension all over again

We try and try to be the same

Still frame as we once were

We're still broken and not yet mendable

We lay breathing yet we're not smiling like we used to

Our hearts apart and forever different

Like we're different souls now

Those days when I felt like I was unbreakable

Seem so childish now

No life in this apocalyptic world

No life that I care for

That day, my heart shattered into a thousand pieces,

We weren't meant to be broken, and

We all strayed away from each other

If we only changed one second,

If we could only say the same one more day.

I don't see the same scenery anymore

That sunset and the sunrise

Each was a new day

Now they all blend together without a difference

That dream that we all wanted to keep safe

That wish that all of us wanted to keep alive

We all believed that we couldn't be torn apart

Why do I still see the sky that we still saw?

Our broken promises are still in the air

Our betrayal

I remember that day

We all held ribbons

And promised each other to never part

And now, why?

I remember that day,

When our soon to be broken promises

Were spoken like they would always be kept.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Other World

okay so, i have NOT written in such a long time, and when i tried, i couldn't stop.
it's not edited, so please point out the mistakes if you see any! :D
Thankyou so much for taking your time to read my posts! i know i don't reply much and all, but i really do appreciate your encouragement. It's just that I start thinking that if i say "thankyou!" and all so much, it'll start to sound like I'm just saying it and i don't really mean it (and i really do mean it). -.-'

(the name of the poem is still being worked on as of yet, but this is the 'prototype', you could say)

The Other World

I live here alone
At the edge of the earth;
There are long fields where lights
Float up, towards the clouds
Blackened skies that are never luminous
They simply suck up the lights...

The yellow grass that never glows green
The roses that never fall
Yet they are so dried and dead..

I'm here all alone
And I search for you
The broken buildings fall
And I lose myself in the

I search for the cities in the night
Where I once knew
When they lightened up like
The same lights that float around

I search for the same soul
I once knew,
Laughing and kind;
Always changing
Yet always so familiar.

The shattered glass reflects
The darkness in the skies,
In place of the ocean that is long gone.

Here I am,
Without you;
Always finding my way, and
Always losing myself.

I see my windows,
The shutters open
And I see the other world
With so much life and beauty...

Here I am,
Without you;
Always searching for a way to leave,
Yet I never seem to find the way out.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


the title means "lies" in German. enjoy! :DDD


Change it,
The faces that you put on everyday.
Plaster your empty smile across your appearance,
Mutate the way the outsiders see you.

I see the pain that drives you,
The ambitions that unravel you.
I see the pats on the back they give;
You always go home and cry in the end.

I can see you look,
Each time your sight travels
I can see you try to find
Each time you have that searching expression.

Stand back as you see the mask
Your mask; see that they all put on
The same façade. I see your amazed look
When you finally figure it out.
But I doubt you ever will.

I don't need your pity,
You who hides behind a mask;
Too afraid to face the world.
I don't need your kindness….

Why don’t you just scream at me;
Run far away, and leave me be.
I see the truth that drives you,
And the lies that mask you.

I see your broken promises,
Lying under the rooftops of your past.
I see your shattered dreams,
Visible and taunting every time you dare to close your eyes.

I can see your pain,
The guilt that makes you lose yourself.
I see the haunting happiness
That gives you a false hope for the future
That is yet to come….

Saturday, May 8, 2010


This was made for a good friend of mine. =). the title means "angel wings" in German. -.-' enjoy!


Today, I was walking through the alleys,
Thinking about you.
I drifted mindlessly,
Until I couldn't find a trace of the path
I seemed to have taken;
It was a dead end.

But not quite….

There were two birds out there,
One white and beautiful,
So unblemished, and surreal;
Then there was the grey one,
It was also beautiful, yet it seemed so real.
But, the grey one had a lame wing.

Before I knew it,
The white one was flying,
It went up the dark alley
And into the sky,
But it lingered in a wire,
One that held on to a pole,
Seeming to wait for the grey one.

The latter tried.
It simply tried flying up;
It fell down.
The bird then tried on and on for quite sometime.
I stood there,
Watching its effort be fruitless.

The white one also stood there,
Patiently; just simply waiting.
It broke my heart, though;
It seemed to have no sympathy,
No remorse. It didn't even go
And encourage the grey bird.

The grey one was still trying,
And it was almost sunset
Until it gave up.
I sat down and stared at it;
And it turned around and
Gazed at me; pleading, almost.

I then raised up,
And held up the grey bird.
We stood there,
The grey bird and I,
Not knowing what to do.
We waited, and it was not even dark,
The sun hadn't even set;
Even the sun seemed to wait for the grey one
To fly.

And held my hand up high,
And heaved the grey bird.
It flew, yet it seemed to have fallen.
There was a pause, and I can still picture it
In my mind,
Like it only just happened a few movements ago.

The bird flew high up,
While the white one could only
Follow in awe; in amazement.

Even I watched it in amazement,
As it flew high up,
Off toward the setting sun,
Never looking back.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Deiner Gnade

Deiner Gnade

I could name each

And every star in the universe

After you.

You could stand by me

And never have anyone distress you.

I could be still,

And not have my regrets

Placed before me.

You could fly across the world,

Your beauty, so unperturbed,

So untroubled. So undisturbed.

I would stand here,

And revel in all

I can….

You would glide

In your grace.

Man kind's jealousy of your

Elegance. Your agility….

And I,

I would be your sword

In bloodshed and battle.

Your shield through

Pain and war,

Suffering and scorn….

I could name

Each and every

Star after you,

Make do with every

Smile I see in you.

Saturday, March 27, 2010



Black skies flying overhead.

I keep walking but all I can see is

The dark clouds passing me by.

I see a broken mirror,

Shards flying in dead air.

I see a crippled mask,

Its owner crumpled to the ground.

I see crushed houses,

Their roof tops shattered in,

Their windows blocked,

Their doors with bullet holes.

I see fire surrounding

The forest in which I walk on,

Trees evaporating the smoldering dusky sky.

Flowers ablaze in the darkened zephyr.

I see their plastered smiles,

Lying though their teeth.

Pretending never works when

It's transparent.

I can see their world,

Feel their helplessness.

Trust broken in two,

Paradise twisted in all.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010



The vast clouded skies darken,

Their burden falling in little droplets.

The tall trees have been shaken,

As the wind blows merciless.

The green grass turns yellow and burns.

While the once blooming flowers wither.

The deeps seas rise in their tsunamis,

And the earth cracks as lava rises,

Ashes travel in the blackened air.

Land becomes devoured by water,

And the cities sink,

The prosperous cities.

The scorched skies,

Their burden falling in acid rain.

Wild fires burning in forests;

Burnt leaves swinging back and forth.

It's not always a choice to decide,

When your own world is destroyed.

When there was everything to lose,

And nothing to gain.

Mutated humans,

In their liege.

Broken houses,

Unbreakable famine.

Violent wars

And hatred.